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Eagle Equipment at the Carlisle Car Show in PA

Eagle had a very successful showing at the Carlisle Car show in Pennsylvania last week!  The weather was perfect and attendance was great.  Most of the 8100 vendor spaces were occupied making for a busy and fun car show.

Eagle displayed a GLO-7000 Car Lift and a ML-1000 Motorcycle Lift  and also offered show specials.

Many of our customers that had purchased car lifts from us at other shows stopped by to let us know how pleased they were with their purchase.  This was very rewarding.  They even recommended our products to potential customers we were talking to!

We will be at the Good Guys Southeast Nationals Show at the Lowe’s Motor Speedway in Charlotte, NC.  Stop by and see Andy for show specials!  This show begins Oct 30th.

If you have some testimonials or comments on our products, please post them.  We love to hear from you.

Tips for Buying an Automotive Car Lift

Here are some tips to help you have a good experience when buying a car lift.

  1. Be sure when you call the auto lift company that a person answers the phone.
  2. Call Customer Service which might be a different line from the sales line.  Look for Customer Services’ phone number in the car lift manual which should be emailed to you or found on the vendor’s website.  Be sure you can get in touch with someone if you have questions or problems prior to buying the product.  Does the supplier have a customer service department as a part of their company or are they sending you to a 3rd party company?
  3. Ask the lift company for a total price including exact (not estimated) freight.  Compare total prices between vendors not just the lift price.
  4. Ask for an exact ship date and a delivery date (not estimated dates).  Lift companies should be able to provide you this information.
  5. Check to check on the company.

Eagle Equipment has 7 product specialists to answer the phones so call us and you can talk to a person.  We can provide you with exact shipping costs and the total price for the product.

We have our own customer service department to handle post sale questions.



Our products are designed to be shipped via common carrier freight lines and this is the shipping method that we recommend. However, for convenience, we will allow customers to pick up their automotive equipment within the following guidelines:

1. All orders picked up will be subject to applicable North Carolina sales tax unless buyer has provided a NC Sales Tax Exemption Certificate.

2. Customers are not allowed in the warehouse area without a salesperson. Customers may not assist or interfere with the loading of the auto equipment.

3. Customer is responsible for any damages to the equipment and/or their vehicle resulting from the loading and transporting of the equipment.

4. Vehicle weight restrictions will be strictly observed. Customer may be asked to provide weight restriction information on trailers.

5. Eagle recommends side loading of car lifts onto vehicles. When this is not possible, the automotive equipment will be rear loaded. Eagle will make its best effort to center the load weight. However, customer will be responsible for any shifting or falling of equipment or off-centered load that results in damage.

6. Equipment will only be loaded right side up.

7. Customers are responsible for strapping down their equipment on the vehicle.  No load will be allowed to leave the premises without being strapped down.

8. Pick up vehicles must have sufficient width and length to insure that the equipment does not protrude illegally from the vehicle. Trucks with tailgates must be able to fully close the tailgate with the equipment inside.

9. Car lifts will not be loaded onto pick-up trucks.

10. Automotive equipment will not be loaded onto vehicles that appear to be unsafe or lack proper equipment. This will be determined at the sole discretion of the Eagle warehouse supervisor.

These requirements have been established to help insure the safety of you, your vehicle, and your equipment. If your vehicle does not meet the above requirements, we suggest that you let our logistics department obtain the best shipping quote possible for your equipment.

I have read, understand, and agree to the requirements above:

Signature: __________________________________________ Date: ________________________

Customer vehicle inspected and loaded by: ____________________________________

Maintaining your EAGLE LIFT

Your Eagle lift will provide you with many years of safe and reliable service if you perform these routine maintenance procedures.

2-Post Car Lift Maintenance-

Check for proper operation of carriage safety latches each time you use the auto lift.  You should hear the safety latches click in both posts each time they pass through a lock position.  If one or both of the latches are not functioning properly as described above discontinue using the car lift immediately and repair or replace the safety mechanism.

  1. Check Eagle lift arm restraint locks for proper operation.  The arm restraint locks should automatically engage when the car lift is raised preventing the arm from moving horizontally.  Lubricate the vertical arm restraint rods periodically as needed.
  2. Inspect the car lift arms and pins for wear.  Lubricate the Eagle lift arm pins monthly with wheel bearing grease or white lithium grease.
  3. Check pulleys, chains: chain rollers, roller pins, pulley shafts, etc. for wear.  Lubricate these components monthly with chain lube or oil.
  4. Check equalizing cables for wear and proper tension weekly.  If carriage safety latches do not click simultaneously when raising the car lift, a cable adjustment is necessary. (Refer to installation manual for proper procedure.)  If the cables are frayed or damaged replace immediately with new cables.
  5. Inspect all hoses and fittings for damage or oil leaks and replace as needed.
  6. Inspect cylinders for oil leaks.  Replace or rebuild cylinders as needed.
  7. Lubricate all four inside corners of the posts where the rub blocks contact with white lithium grease as needed.
  8. Inspect all concrete anchor bolts monthly and tighten as needed.  Replace any anchor that will not hold in the concrete.  Eagle lift posts should be plumb and if shimming is necessary all anchors points with gaps between the bottom of the base plate and the floor should be fully shimmed before the anchor is tightened.
  9. Inspect all automotive lift pads monthly and replace as needed.
  10. If car lift has an overhead cut-off switch, check monthly for proper operation.

4-Post Storage Lift Maintenance-

Check all safety latches to be sure they are engaging properly each time you use the Eagle lift.  You should hear the latch click in each post as it passes the safety stops.  If any of the latches are not functioning properly as described above discontinue using the auto lift immediately and repair or adjust the latch mechanism.

  1. Inspect lock release linkage monthly and adjust if necessary.  Lubricate all lock release rod pivot points with oil.
  2. Check equalizing cables for wear and proper tension weekly.  If the 4 safety latches do not click simultaneously when raising the automotive storage lift, a cable adjustment is necessary. (Refer to installation manual for proper procedure.)  If the cables are frayed or damaged discontinue using the storage lift and install new cables.  New cables will stretch after the first few uses and will normally require readjustment.  The longer cables will stretch more than the shorter cables therefore it is normal for a re-adjustment to be necessary after the first few uses of a new auto lift.
  3. Inspect pulleys and pulley shafts for wear and replace if necessary.  Lubricate pulley shafts monthly.
  4. Inspect all hoses and fittings for damage or oil leaks and replace as needed.
  5. Inspect cylinders for oil leaks.  Replace or rebuild cylinders as needed.
  6. Lubricate all four inside corners of the posts where the rub blocks contact with white lithium grease as needed.

Receiving Your Shipment of a Car Lift, Tire Changer, Wheel Balancer, Spray Booth or Auto Body Shop Supplies

Thank you for choosing Eagle Equipment for your automotive equipment needs.  Whether your order ships UPS, LTL (Less Than Load, i.e.  Estes, FedEx ), below are a few tips to make receipt of your car lift, tire changer, brake lathe, wheel balancer, spray booth or other auto body shop supplies as easy as possible.

Our shipping department makes every effort to ship your order in a manner that allows for easy offloading, including arranging a carrier and extending the discounts provided to us by our shipping partners. When possible, a flatbed is used to transport larger items.

If your order consists of a product(s) that ships LTL, you are responsible for offloading. Please note there are additional charges for residential delivery, delivery to construction sites, college campuses, etc. If you are unsure as to whether you have a special circumstance, contact Eagle Equipment’s Customer Service department prior to the shipment of your order and we will gladly assist you with special handling.

We will contact you the morning following shipment to advise you of the estimated delivery date, as well as other pertinent order information.  If you require a specific delivery time, we will provide you with a tracking/PRO number and the phone number of the delivering terminal.  The dispatcher will then schedule the delivery at your convenience.

A car lift, tire changer, brake lathe, wheel balancer, spray booth or other large auto body shop supplies may require the use of a forklift and are too large for the use of a truck with a lift gate.  A lift gate can be used to offload items such as; tire changers/balancers, power pullers and ductwork.  In addition, certain paint spray booths are shipped in special large crates that require the use of a forklift with extensions to support the extra weight.

Careful inspection is required in order to make sure your order has not sustained any damage during transit.  Upon delivery, please visually inspect the external packaging for any crushed corners, loose box flaps, broken straps, retaping etc.  While you have the right to refuse any shipment you feel is damaged, we ask that you accept delivery and notate possible damage on the delivery receipt. IF THE DAMAGE IS EXTENSIVE, YOU MAY CALL US WHILE THE DRIVER STANDS BY, TO DETERMINE IF THE SHIPMENT SHOULD BE REFUSED. We recommend that you make a copy of the delivery receipt for your records.

Please retain all shipping containers and internal packaging, as it is likely an inspection will be required if your order arrives damaged. Call us immediately and we will instruct you on what to do, should your unit require replacement. We may ask you to take pictures using your cell phone or a digital camera and forward them to us.  Photos are a great way for us to expedite the process of filing a damage claim if necessary. Rest assured that should a replacement be needed, we will handle it as quickly as possible.

Smaller items that are shipped via UPS or FedEx Ground may not require a signature.  If delivery is attempted for packages requiring a signature and no one is there to sign, two more attempts will be made before the package is returned to its origination. If an order is returned to its point of origination and you want it reshipped, you will be billed for the outbound shipping charge.



Please feel free to contact us. We are here to ensure your experience with us is a pleasant one.  Again, thank you for choosing Eagle Equipment.

Protect Yourself when Buying a Car Lift on the Internet!


It is a true fact that the majority of automotive lifts sold in the U.S. today, up to 15,000 pound capacity, are manufactured overseas.  China has become the primary supplier of car lifts to the American distributors.  Cheap labor and high technical capabilities have given the Chinese a huge price advantage over American manufacturers.

While many people want to purchase American made products, in the case of the car lift it is not economical.  An American made automotive lift will cost two or three times the price of an imported lift.  So the question becomes, if you buy an import, how can you be assured that you will get a quality product that will perform safely?

The answer of course is to buy your automotive lift from a reputable company.  There are many internet sellers that are here today and gone tomorrow.  They provide no service, no warranty, and no expertise.  They do not stock the car lifts they sell and have little access to replacement parts.

Take the following steps to be sure that you are dealing with a reputable company:

  1. Get their warranty policy in writing.  Find out what is covered and for how long.
  2. Ask for a certificate of insurance from the car lift distributor.  Remember, if there is an accident with your car lift, you will not have the ability to file a claim with a foreign manufacturer.  Your only recourse will be from the distributor.
  3. Ask to speak with someone in the service and technical department.  Find out what kind of support is available during installation or if a problem arises.  Ask about the availability of replacement parts.
  4. Find out how quickly your car lift will ship and where it will ship from.  If it takes more than two weeks, then there may be a problem.
  5. Pay only by credit card.  This will allow you the opportunity to charge back the seller if they do not provide the product or service promised.  Also, do not allow the seller to process your card before your car lift is shipped.

Another consideration is an Automotive Lift Institute (ALI) certified lift.  This is a car lift that has been manufactured to meet the requirements of the ALI.  This process has been attested to by the Edison Testing Laboratory (ETL).  An ALI certified car lift will cost more than a non-certified car lift, but you will have the assurance that the product has been manufactured to industry established specifications.

Eagle Equipment Co. has been a leader in the automotive lift industry for over 50 years.  We sell only quality car lift products manufactured in the U.S. and China.  We personally visit and inspect every automotive lift factory that we purchase products from, whether here or abroad.  As always, we stand behind every product that we sell.  Know who you are dealing with!

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