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Our products are designed to be shipped via common carrier freight lines and this is the shipping method that we recommend. However, for convenience, we will allow customers to pick up their automotive equipment within the following guidelines:

1. All orders picked up will be subject to applicable North Carolina sales tax unless buyer has provided a NC Sales Tax Exemption Certificate.

2. Customers are not allowed in the warehouse area without a salesperson. Customers may not assist or interfere with the loading of the auto equipment.

3. Customer is responsible for any damages to the equipment and/or their vehicle resulting from the loading and transporting of the equipment.

4. Vehicle weight restrictions will be strictly observed. Customer may be asked to provide weight restriction information on trailers.

5. Eagle recommends side loading of car lifts onto vehicles. When this is not possible, the automotive equipment will be rear loaded. Eagle will make its best effort to center the load weight. However, customer will be responsible for any shifting or falling of equipment or off-centered load that results in damage.

6. Equipment will only be loaded right side up.

7. Customers are responsible for strapping down their equipment on the vehicle.  No load will be allowed to leave the premises without being strapped down.

8. Pick up vehicles must have sufficient width and length to insure that the equipment does not protrude illegally from the vehicle. Trucks with tailgates must be able to fully close the tailgate with the equipment inside.

9. Car lifts will not be loaded onto pick-up trucks.

10. Automotive equipment will not be loaded onto vehicles that appear to be unsafe or lack proper equipment. This will be determined at the sole discretion of the Eagle warehouse supervisor.

These requirements have been established to help insure the safety of you, your vehicle, and your equipment. If your vehicle does not meet the above requirements, we suggest that you let our logistics department obtain the best shipping quote possible for your equipment.

I have read, understand, and agree to the requirements above:

Signature: __________________________________________ Date: ________________________

Customer vehicle inspected and loaded by: ____________________________________

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