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Petty’s Garage Has New Equipment for “The King”

RichardPettyfavorites0005They call him “The King”. He’s a legend. A champion NASCAR driver for his record setting Daytona 500 and NASCAR championship wins. Richard Petty IS NASCAR. He began racing in 1958. In all, Petty accumulated 200 victories, and seven Cup championships, before retiring in 1992. He started more races, won more races, and made more money than any stock-car driver in history. I don’t have to tell you how amazing his career is.

Now, Petty’s name is on a high-performance speed shop in his hometown of Level Cross, NC. Petty’s Garage modifies all sorts of cars, focusing on Mustangs and Jeep Wranglers; through a deal they have with Ford. The engines are louder, the paint job is sleeker and the rims are off the chain. These cars are sweet. What’s even more interesting to us is to see the guys in the shop modifying these cars. How they do it, what equipment they use and the process.

When Petty’s Garage started to modify a lot of cars at once, they found a need for some equipment upgrades in their shop. Standard Tools and Equipment Co., based just 20 minutes apart, had everything they needed.


We are so excited to announce that Standard Tools and Equipment has partnered with Petty’s Garage to offer some of the best equipment on the market for their needs. So, what are they using in their shop? This video will give you a sneak peek inside their speed shop, with The King himself.

Over the years we have had customers from all industries and fame-levels. Here in North Carolina, Richard Petty, is the ultimate local icon. It was such an exciting experience to provide ‘The KING’ with equipment to do what he does best, modify cars.

Petty’s Garage has a custom sanding and prep booth and a side-downdraft paint booth for that custom petty paint job. There is a Sure-Cure air makeup unit attached to the paint booth for easy temperature control and quick cures. After all, they have a lot of cars to do and don’t have time to wait for it to dry.

_DSC6406RichardPetty_DSC6036 SMALL
Four Eagle Equipment 2-post Lifts sit in Petty’s Garage. Two are our 10,000 lbs. certified lift and two are the Eagle MTP-11V3, 11,000 lbs. symmetric lift, setup tall. petty-cars1.jpg

Down the road, still in Level Cross, sits a storage building with eight storage lifts from Eagle Equipment that house racecars from the past. Cars once driven by Richard, Kyle and even Adam. See photos of those lifts on our blog.

We also have some tire equipment and our alignment system over at Petty’s Garage. After all, once they put those big tires on the Jeeps, they need to make sure they go straight.

At Standard Tools, we believe that with the right equipment, you can be the King of your garage. We want to assist you in selecting the equipment that will not only fit your needs, but also be there when you business grows and changes. Give us a call at 800.336.2776.

Richard Petty is sport’s most enduring and perhaps endearing figure. Both Petty’s Garage and Standard Tools’ are trusted and established brands in our perspective industries. Petty is an icon in the racing world, but moreover, he is known as a man who is passionate about what he does, works hard and is a perfectionist about his work. That’s someone that we’re proud to have as an advocate for our brand.


the NEW eagle equipment experience

sales team B&W

Meet the NEW Eagle (from Left to Right)

Wayne Piner, Eagle expert, sales and parts specialist
Julie Surprenant, Paint booth pro
Gina Gilchrist (on forklift), Dedicated to great customer care
Michelle Duncan, Inspiring coach & cheerleader for the team (clipboard and pom-poms not pictured)
Angela Brown, Committed to exceptional customer service
Fabiola Martinez, Energetic sales and customer service professional, Español sales
Bill Daliege, Sales rebel and equipment detail expert

Not Pictured: Rosy Gonzalez, Sales rock star and español sales
Eagle Equipment has been going through a revamp over the last 6 months to bring you, our customers, a stronger, better-informed, enhanced experience. We are taking our 50+ years in the industry and persisting to evolve and cultivate it. We refuse to just be content with what we have; we want to build upon it. To continuously attempt to make it better, to deliver EXCELLENCE.

We call it Eagle 2.0.

Both internally, and externally, we’re committed to providing the highest level of service with integrity. We want you to get to know us, and become part of our Eagle family.

We’re here to serve you. Let us know if we can do that better.

We’re so excited about the changes and we think that once you get to know the NEW Eagle, you’ll be too. Visit the freshly launched Eagle web site with loaded features and capabilities. You’ll just love adding things to your virtual cart. Soon, you’ll see even more new products added, so stay tuned for rousing Eagle items to buy.

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Smiling New Eagle Equipment Sales: Welcome Wayne

wayneEagle Equipment is excited to have a new sales and customer service specialist join us, welcome Wayne Piner.

Wayne has spent the last 23 years in the veneer industry, working for the same company for over 20 years! He decided to change up his career path when the vaneer industry began to decline … which led him to Eagle. He has been here a short amount of time and we have already see big things from Wayne!

In his spare time in the evenings and weekends, Wayne manages two local youth organizations – Archdale Trinity Little League Basketball and Archdale Trinity Youth Football. Both leagues have approximately 400 kids each!He still does a little coaching in basketball but decided to just manage the football program.

He has 3 great kids – Nathan 28, Dallas 22 and Erika 12. Welcome to the team Wayne!

Give us a call, Wayne would love to assist you!

Chris Wilson joins our maintenance department!

Chris Wilson joins our maintenance department!

chris wilsonMeet the new maintenance technician at Standard Tools. He’s the new favorite person around here because, whew… is he handy! He started off running and has already made vast improvements to our facility and our equipment.

Chris lives in Reidsville, NC with his wife Brandi and his 6-year-old daughter, Hayden. Chris graduated from Rockingham Community College’s Industrial Maintenance and the BLET (Basic Law Enforcement Training) programs.

In his free time, he enjoys spending time with his family. Currently he is excited about his future with Standard Tools and checking into 4-year degree program that can take him even further in his education and career.

Welcome to the team Chris!


EE_LocalPickup-BlogImageHey—you’re going to be in Greensboro (That’s in North Carolina, kinda between Raleigh and Winston- Salem)? Want to plan to swing by our docks to load your order on truck or trailer? GREAT! Not only would we love to save you all that shipping cost, we will also take $50 OFF YOUR EAGLE ORDER* just for coming to see us!

It’s easy to do a local pickup at our Greensboro warehouse:

1: Place your order.

2: Let us know you’ll be picking up and we’ll let you know what kind of vehicle you need for pickup.

3: Let us know when to expect you (we want to make sure we’re here and ready for you).

4: We’ll have your order ready and our shipping department available for load up!

We’ll see you soon! Drive safe.

*Applies only to equipment orders (of $500 or more). Does not include parts and accessory orders. Good for one $50 off voucher per pickup.



True Life: Surviving an Automotive Related Accident

If you did not believe that a car lift was a wise investment, you may change your mind after reading this.

22-year-old Lauren Kornacki was named a hero after she lifted up a car weighing a ton and a half to save her father, Alec Kornacki, 52, who became crushed underneath after a Jack slipped.

Lauren ran to her father’s aid when a jack slipped as he worked under his BMW 525i on July 29th, at the family’s home in Glen Allen, Virginia. Lauren happened to be on her way out the door when she saw her father pinned under his luxury car.

“It flashed like; I’m going to lose my dad. His eyes were open; he wasn’t responding to me. I knew I had to get his heart beating again, and I had to get him breathing. I lifted it up … kind of threw it, I just shoved my body into it as hard as I could, and then I came back and dragged him out and started CPR,” Lauren told NBC 12, who was trained in CPR from her job as a lifeguard.

Two days after the incident, Alec Kornacki was still in the ICU with several broken ribs and various other fractures, but he was walking, reported CNN.

This real life accident is an example of how dangerous ground jack lifts can be, and shines a positive light on automotive lifts. Jack lifts may be a cheaper alternative, but are certainly not the safest. Automotive lifts are designed to make working on vehicles easier and prevent accidents such as this one.

Buy Before January 1st to Save Thousands.

It’s December already, can you believe it? Where does a year go? With the year coming to a close, you may hear a lot about “Section 179” and how you’re business can benefit if you are looking to purchase some equipment before 2013.

We get just as confused as the next guy when you start talking “tax rate”, “deductions” and “depreciation”. We thought we would do a little research and try to explain how this could be a HUGE benefit to small businesses. Continue reading Buy Before January 1st to Save Thousands.

American Automotive Equipment is Now “Chinese Automotive Equipment”

Sources inside China say that American Automotive Equipment has sold out to a Chinese manufacturing company. That Chinese company has taken a 51% ownership position in American Automotive Equipment. American Automotive Equipment is a competitor of Eagle Equipment.

The move was made after American Automotive Equipment was unable to pay their bills to the Chinese creditors.  All profits of American Automotive Equipment will now flow to China to satisfy the outstanding debt.

This move will put many companies, including Eagle Equipment in jeopardy. The Chinese-owned American Automotive Equipment will have a lower cost basis and will not be burdened by important after sales services such as product warranty and support.

It remains to be seen how many American jobs will be lost as a result of this transaction.

Bill of Lading and Freight Claim

At Eagle Equipment we do everything we can to ensure the safe and timely delivery of your automotive repair equipment, but we recommend you inspect your merchandise thoroughly before signing the Bill of Lading.

Eagle Equipment creates a Bill of Lading (BOL).  When the freight company arrives at our loading dock, the driver is responsible for inspecting all items before they are loaded.  Inspection includes documenting the number of items, the weight of each item, the condition of the items, and the packaging (crating).  The driver has the right to refuse shipment if it does not meet specifications.  Once the driver signs the Bill of Lading the equipment becomes property of the freight company.  The equipment remains property of the freight company until the customer signs the Bill of Lading.  Upon delivery the customer is responsible for inspecting the equipment carefully for any type of damage.  Customers should ask the driver to inspect the shipment with them.  A description of any damage should be written on both the customer’s copy and the freight carrier’s copy of the Bill of Lading prior to signing for the receipt of equipment.  If the customer finds the damage is excessive they may refuse the shipment by not signing the Bill of Lading.  Avoid hidden or concealed damage by opening all packages in the presence of the delivery driver and inspect the contents carefully.  If this is not possible at the time of delivery do not move the packages until they have been inspected.  The National Motor Freight Traffic Association guidelines allow 15 days for hidden damage freight claims to be filed.  The customer is responsible for noting damage on the Bill of Lading, notifying the carrier, and filing freight damage claims.

Guidelines for filing a freight claim:
Regular freight claims should be filed within the required nine-month time period.
Hidden damage freight claims and shortage claims should be filed within 15 days of delivery.
Collect the required documents to support your claim:

  1. Standard claim form from the carrier with the claim amount
  2. Invoice copy with the amount paid
  3. Bill of Lading copy
  4. Packing slip copy

Eagle Equipment will assist our customers with the freight claim process by furnishing the correct contact information.  In the end your claim and all supporting documentation should be sent to the freight carrier for payment.

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