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5 Signs Your In Love With Your Car

From fixing headlights to getting greasy every Saturday, the love you have for your car goes way beyond the normal bond between man and machine. You can’t fool us — you’re madly in love with your car. But hey, we get it! We have our own immense car love, that’s why we love what we do. Worried about the time you spend with your motor? Here are 5 tell-tale signs that your real true love is your car.


For you, the perfect way to spend a weekend is primping your car. You spend hours washing, buffing, waxing, and vacuuming your baby. You have all your own detail products because only the best will do. It’s quality time well spent.


If you’re a traveler in your car, there is a strict set of rules that apply: 1. No eating and drinking in the car so don’t even ask. 2. The Driver picks the entertainment. 3. No kids allowed, they’re sticky. 4. Muddy shoes? Hope you enjoy walking.

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Home Garage Lifts for the Car Enthusiast

Eagle Equipment: We Specialize in the “Do-it-Yourselfer”

Eagle Equipment offers lifts for the car enthusiast to use in the home garage at a price they can afford. Whether you’re looking for a lift to store a vehicle on or you’re into working on cars, we have the lift for you.

Storage / Light Service 4-Post Lifts

We sell 8,000 lbs. 4-post storage lifts that provide light-duty service applications. This has been a best seller for Eagle for years because it is an essential for the home garage.

Home garages, race teams, car collectors, and even a Hollywood studio love their Eagle 4-post storage lift. If you want to store a car, while still using the space under it for a workspace, or another vehicle, check out the MS-8000 series!

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LIFTING IT RIGHT: Vehicle weight and determining the right two-post car lift for you.

At Eagle Equipmentwe feel that one of the most important parts of our job is helping customers make the most informed purchase they can. We often find ourselves as educators; correcting many assumptions in the industry.

“If my vehicle weighs under 9,000 lbs., and I buy a 9K lift; I should be able to lift my vehicle all day long.”

People often try this with their full-size pickup trucks; then wonder why we suggest something more stout.

The first thing you need to know is what you’re lifting. Look at the sticker on the door jam for the weight and distribution. Then, take a glance to see what’s inside and where the weight is. Some trucks have toolboxes or other things that add a significant amount of weight to the vehicle.

According to the Editor of BRAKE & FRONT END Magazine, “Knowing the weight is essential in determining the center of gravity behind the front wheels. To find center of gravity, divide the rear wheel weight by the overall weight and multiply by the wheelbase (The wheelbase is the measurement from the wheel center not the overall length). Check in the lift manual where the center of gravity of the vehicle should be placed. The placement of the center of gravity will differ on asymmetrical lifts. A number of lift accidents can be traced to vehicles with unique loads like plumber trucks and vehicles with water or fluid tanks. If in doubt, weigh the vehicle. If you can’t weigh a questionable vehicle, don’t attempt to lift it, or get under it.”

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The Bead Bazooka® Tommy Gun



A portable, powerful and fun bead seater from Eagle Equipment

Setting the bead on a difficult tire can be a frustrating problem to deal with. Eagle Equipment has a solution that is quick, easy, portable, affordable and really fun to use!

The Bead Bazooka® Tommy Gun is a powerful and user-friendly tire inflator that is used in conjuction with your tire changer for those stubborn tires.. With its 2” MIS valve (patent pending), the 6 Liter Bead Bazooka Tommy Gun is able to inflate even the most stubborn tires. Use it on car tires, truck tires, ATV tires, motorcycle tires and small agricultural tires. It is recommended for worn tires. Those tires your changer can’t handle on it’s own.

Effectively, the Bead Bazooka is an air tank system that blasts a powerful burst of air between the tire and the rim. This causes the tire to expand over bead, enabling you to inflate those stubborn worn tires.

The Bead Bazooka Tommy Gun is completely serviceable and covered by a three-year manufacturer’s warranty.

Bead Bazooka® Features:

  • The gun’s grip is designed to be comfortable and allow for superior control.
  • The slotted double barrel directs air for the best overall lift and increases the volume of air forced into the tire.
  • The new manual MIS valve releases air faster than any other bead seater valve available.
  • The MIS release valve is fully serviceable and the proprietary tank coating guarantees no interior rust for years.


The Bead Bazooka® Tommy Gun is Easy-to-Use

  1. Fill the tank to the manufacturer’s recommended PSI (between 50 and 120 PSI) and then disconnect the air line from the Bead Bazooka.
  2. Attach an airline to the valve stem of the wheel.
  3. Hold the bead bazooka with both hands, while wearing appropriate safety gear.
  4. Aim the bazooka between the tire bead and wheel flange, keeping it 2”-3” from the rim, and release the manual valve.
  5. A blast of air will set the bead while the steady airflow continues to inflate your tire.

Eagle Equipment has been a trusted source in the automotive industry since 1954. Our sales team is available to answer any questions you have on the Bead Bazooka® Tommy Gun.

Give us a call at 800.336.2776 or shop online.

Six Important Steps To Follow When Accepting Your Shipment:


What to do when receiving your freight?

**DO NOT sign the Bill of Lading before checking your shipment for damages, concealed damages, or missing parts.**

When ordering equipment with our company one common problem can happen, the freight can become lost or damaged. The process for finding out who is responsible for the damaged freight could take months, and discovering whether freight had been stolen or lost on route can be difficult. As a shipper we will never be able prevent all instances of lost or damaged freight, but we can ensure that your equipment is replaced and provide solutions to prevent further instances.

Here are six important steps to follow when accepting your shipment:

1) Take a close look at delivered freight and inspect all details. Pay attention to every part or item; open crates if needed – there could be concealed damages. Determine what exactly is stolen, missing or damaged. Don’t be intimidated by the driver, who can claim he or she is in a hurry for the next route – you have a right to record all details if needed.

2) Write everything down and take photos, if possible. The more documentation the better, this will allow us to hold the freight company accountable. Make notes of damages and shortages on the delivery receipt and contact our customer service department as soon as possible. Don’t underestimate the importance of communication and cooperation.

3) If the freight is damaged beyond repair, refuse the shipment and contact our customer service department. Please make sure all packages are intact. If the equipment is needed to return back to our warehouse, we want to ensure the shipment is packaged properly to prevent any damages during transit.

4) Concealed damages must be reported to the freight company within three days of delivery. It is the customer’s responsibility to file for damaged claims against the freight company. Fill out the proper freight claim which will be provided to you by the freight company.

***The carrier must acknowledge a claim within 30 days of initial filling. Concealed damages and shortages should be reported to the carrier within 3 days of receipt of the load.

5) Keep all damaged freight for pick up or salvage.

6) Keep all necessary documents:

  • A copy of the bill of lading
  • A copy of the freight bill (paid)
  • A copy of the invoice showing the amount paid for the goods
  • A copy of the packing slip
  • A standard claim form or a letter identifying the shipment and the claim amount
  • Photos of the damage


ETL certified car lift from Eagle Equipment


ETL Certified 2 Post Lift with Car

If you’re looking for an ETL-certified car lift that will do it all, this is the lift for you. It is available with Symmetric or Asymmetric arms. Just change the lift’s arms to change the design. If you want the ability to do both, order the certified car lift and ask for the extra set of arms.

The 10,000 lbs. capacity allows you to work on cars, SUV’s and Trucks up to 3/4 Ton.

This certified car lift has rubber door guards on each post to provide that added security against door damage. It has outer hose guards to protect the hydraulic hoses from unnecessary damage.

This lift also has double telescoping arms with drop-in pads, a heavy-duty arm restraint system and a single-point lock release.

An ETL certified car lift means it’s been tested by a trusted third-party (Intertek). What kind of tests do they do? They put 1.5X the weight capacity on the lift and then run through a serious of tests. On this lift we loaded up 15,000 lbs. in the way of steel coils. We lifted it. Lifted and held it. Shifted the weight forward, then backward, then sideways and lifted it. We lifted it and then cut the cables to see how quickly it lowered. We then had each component of the lift, like the cables and such, tested individually through Intertek. We also send this lift with a Power Unit that has also been certified. It’s a rigorous testing process to see how the lift will react under all different conditions. If the lift “passes” it has the “certified” label.

Here are some photos of the testing process on this lift:

Eagle knows that a lift must be safe in order to protect from serious injury and death. With this lift, you not only have our word for it, you have Intertek‘s certification and the Automotive Lift Association as well.

When this lift is in-stock, it’ll ship the next business day. Give us a call today at 1-800-336-2776 or order yours online.









Celebrating 20 Years In Business!



Join Us In Celebrating 20 Years In Business!

This year, we celebrate 20 years in business! We take pride in the dedication of our talented staff for providing the highest level of customer service, over the past 20 years. This is truly amazing and we would not be where we are today without the loyalty of you, our customers.

Participating in our celebration is easy, just Watch our video and send us your birthday wishes through a positive review on Google.

If you need help sharing your feed back on our Google page you can follow the video below.

We Are So Happy To Celebrate Our 20th Birthday With You!

Thank you to everyone for participating in our 20th Birthday celebration. We look forward to a future of continued growth and prosperity!




5 Quick Tips for Ordering Eagle Parts

Need to order EAGLE parts for your equipment? Here are 5 quick things you need to do first!

Eagle Equipment was founded in 1954. Over the last 62 years, Eagle has had a lot of different styles and makes of lifts and tire equipment. These different styles have different Eagle parts and specifications. The intricate part for our parts specialists is to make sure that they know what model and make equipment you have and the specific part you need. We want to make sure the part we send you will be the fix you need to keep working.

Eagle Parts Department
Eagle Parts Department

At Eagle Equipment, we want to do everything we can to help you in the most efficient and time-effective way possible. Here are some tips:

  1. Call our Parts line or fill out a Parts Request Form online. We have parts specialists to assist you in getting the correct Eagle parts for your Eagle equipment. This is the number that is also on your equipment, 800-535-0016.
    To fill out a Parts Request Form, simply click here. If you submit a form, please allow our specialists time to process the request.

2. Try to have the telephone number you used when purchasing your equipment from Eagle Equipment or the original order number. This helps us to easily locate your order in our system and verify the equipment you have. We understand that you may not have ordered direct from us, and so you would not be in the system. That’s ok…. See #4!

3. The model number and serial number from the plate on your machine. This helps us to ensure we’re selling you the correct parts for the correct model. The model number may be something like the MTP-9F or the ETC-550.

4. We may ask you to send us photos of the Eagle part, or the equipment, that you’re looking for. This just helps us to ensure we’re all on the same page.

5. Make sure we have the correct email address for you. This is the easiest way for us to send you Eagle parts diagrams and photos.


We appreciate your business and are here to assist in getting you the right part for your Eagle purchase. Give us a call.

Petty’s Garage Has New Equipment for “The King”

RichardPettyfavorites0005They call him “The King”. He’s a legend. A champion NASCAR driver for his record setting Daytona 500 and NASCAR championship wins. Richard Petty IS NASCAR. He began racing in 1958. In all, Petty accumulated 200 victories, and seven Cup championships, before retiring in 1992. He started more races, won more races, and made more money than any stock-car driver in history. I don’t have to tell you how amazing his career is.

Now, Petty’s name is on a high-performance speed shop in his hometown of Level Cross, NC. Petty’s Garage modifies all sorts of cars, focusing on Mustangs and Jeep Wranglers; through a deal they have with Ford. The engines are louder, the paint job is sleeker and the rims are off the chain. These cars are sweet. What’s even more interesting to us is to see the guys in the shop modifying these cars. How they do it, what equipment they use and the process.

When Petty’s Garage started to modify a lot of cars at once, they found a need for some equipment upgrades in their shop. Standard Tools and Equipment Co., based just 20 minutes apart, had everything they needed.


We are so excited to announce that Standard Tools and Equipment has partnered with Petty’s Garage to offer some of the best equipment on the market for their needs. So, what are they using in their shop? This video will give you a sneak peek inside their speed shop, with The King himself.

Over the years we have had customers from all industries and fame-levels. Here in North Carolina, Richard Petty, is the ultimate local icon. It was such an exciting experience to provide ‘The KING’ with equipment to do what he does best, modify cars.

Petty’s Garage has a custom sanding and prep booth and a side-downdraft paint booth for that custom petty paint job. There is a Sure-Cure air makeup unit attached to the paint booth for easy temperature control and quick cures. After all, they have a lot of cars to do and don’t have time to wait for it to dry.

_DSC6406RichardPetty_DSC6036 SMALL
Four Eagle Equipment 2-post Lifts sit in Petty’s Garage. Two are our 10,000 lbs. certified lift and two are the Eagle MTP-11V3, 11,000 lbs. symmetric lift, setup tall. petty-cars1.jpg

Down the road, still in Level Cross, sits a storage building with eight storage lifts from Eagle Equipment that house racecars from the past. Cars once driven by Richard, Kyle and even Adam. See photos of those lifts on our blog.

We also have some tire equipment and our alignment system over at Petty’s Garage. After all, once they put those big tires on the Jeeps, they need to make sure they go straight.

At Standard Tools, we believe that with the right equipment, you can be the King of your garage. We want to assist you in selecting the equipment that will not only fit your needs, but also be there when you business grows and changes. Give us a call at 800.336.2776.

Richard Petty is sport’s most enduring and perhaps endearing figure. Both Petty’s Garage and Standard Tools’ are trusted and established brands in our perspective industries. Petty is an icon in the racing world, but moreover, he is known as a man who is passionate about what he does, works hard and is a perfectionist about his work. That’s someone that we’re proud to have as an advocate for our brand.


Eagle Power Units: 110V -VS- 220V, What’s the difference?

If you’ve ever purchased any sort of electronic device for your home, odds are you’ve come across the term “amperage” and “voltage”. What exactly do all these terms mean, and why do they matter?

What’s the difference between Amps and Volts?

Amps – This is the measure of how much electricity is flowing through an electrical line, which is like the amount of water flowing through a hose.

Volts – This is the measure of how strong or the force of electricity flowing through an electrical line, which is like the pressure of the water flowing through a hose.

In short, having an understanding of amps, and volts and can help you save money!

EAGLE220How Do We Know Which Power Unit Is Right for You?

When determining which power unit is right for you, we look at how much power our lifts need, then we determine what voltage is the most feasible to use. The higher the voltage, the lower the amps draw. A good analogy for understanding what these terms mean is to think of them like water flowing through a hose.

Imagine using 110 volts for all of your large household appliances. That’s like trying to use the same amount of power for a toaster oven as for your washer and dryer. Eventually, you may end up with an overheated power supply. The device itself may not function, or may not do so well.

***Think air conditioners here, the big ones are 240 VAC vs. the smaller 120 VAC units. Plug either into the wrong voltage and see what happens.

One easy way to look at it is this:

  • Voltage is provided by (or pushed) by the power supply.
  • Amperage is taken by (or pulled) by the device being powered.

In other words, while the voltage is a constant and should match, the amperage is something that varies based on the device’s need.

Eagle 220V Power Unit on the MTP-9F

Which Power Unit is Compatible to What Lift and Why?

Eagle’s power unit is available as a 110V or a 220V. Basically, the 220V provides twice the amount of power as the 110V. Eagle’s 2-post car lifts come with an Eagle 220 Voltage, and 14.5-16.5 Amperage.

Why? Our 2-post lifts are made for shops, meaning the equipment will be used frequently. They are also built with 2 cylinders. For this type of lift you would need more voltage to get the appropriate power use, and with more power the less amperage you would need.

There is an option for our MS80008000XLT. You can choose between the EAGLE 220V or the EAGLE 110V. Why? These particular lifts can be used within a shop, or for homeowner use.

Typically, these lifts are used occasionally which means you wouldn’t need as much power.

Eagle 110V Power Unit with the PMR-6000.

The Eagle MOBILEMAN and the Portable Mid-Rise Lift both come with a 110V power unit. These are popular lifts for homeowners and have a smaller capacity than our two-post lifts.

What happens when you use a 110V on a lift that needs a 220V?

When someone puts a 110V power unit on an Eagle lift that requires a 220V, a few issues arise. The first being that it will void the 13-month warranty that comes with your Eagle power unit. If it isn’t created for that use…. You shouldn’t use it for that use. The motor will also burn out and you won’t be able to lift anything. It’s best to use the correct power unit for your equipment. If you’re unsure which power unit is right for you, give us a call.

The EAGLE 110V

  • Large 3 1/2 gallon metal tank with a durable power-coated finish
  • 2.5 hp Motor
  • 110 Voltage
  • Single Phase
  • 60 HZ
  • Amperage 20
  • 3450 RPM
  • 13-Month Warranty

The EAGLE 220V

  • Large 3 1/2 gallon metal tank with a durable power-coated finish
  • 2.5 hp Motor
  • 220 Voltage
  • Single Phase
  • 60 HZ
  • Amperage 14.5-16.5
  • 3450 RPM

Also check out the blog, “Why isn’t my power unit pumping fluid?”

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