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The Bead Bazooka® Tommy Gun



A portable, powerful and fun bead seater from Eagle Equipment

Setting the bead on a difficult tire can be a frustrating problem to deal with. Eagle Equipment has a solution that is quick, easy, portable, affordable and really fun to use!

The Bead Bazooka® Tommy Gun is a powerful and user-friendly tire inflator that is used in conjuction with your tire changer for those stubborn tires.. With its 2” MIS valve (patent pending), the 6 Liter Bead Bazooka Tommy Gun is able to inflate even the most stubborn tires. Use it on car tires, truck tires, ATV tires, motorcycle tires and small agricultural tires. It is recommended for worn tires. Those tires your changer can’t handle on it’s own.

Effectively, the Bead Bazooka is an air tank system that blasts a powerful burst of air between the tire and the rim. This causes the tire to expand over bead, enabling you to inflate those stubborn worn tires.

The Bead Bazooka Tommy Gun is completely serviceable and covered by a three-year manufacturer’s warranty.

Bead Bazooka® Features:

  • The gun’s grip is designed to be comfortable and allow for superior control.
  • The slotted double barrel directs air for the best overall lift and increases the volume of air forced into the tire.
  • The new manual MIS valve releases air faster than any other bead seater valve available.
  • The MIS release valve is fully serviceable and the proprietary tank coating guarantees no interior rust for years.


The Bead Bazooka® Tommy Gun is Easy-to-Use

  1. Fill the tank to the manufacturer’s recommended PSI (between 50 and 120 PSI) and then disconnect the air line from the Bead Bazooka.
  2. Attach an airline to the valve stem of the wheel.
  3. Hold the bead bazooka with both hands, while wearing appropriate safety gear.
  4. Aim the bazooka between the tire bead and wheel flange, keeping it 2”-3” from the rim, and release the manual valve.
  5. A blast of air will set the bead while the steady airflow continues to inflate your tire.

Eagle Equipment has been a trusted source in the automotive industry since 1954. Our sales team is available to answer any questions you have on the Bead Bazooka® Tommy Gun.

Give us a call at 800.336.2776 or shop online.

2 thoughts on “The Bead Bazooka® Tommy Gun”

  1. we bought a bead bazooka 9LM ABOUT 6 MONTHS AGO was wondering if it has warranty it wont air up & hold air

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