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ETL certified car lift from Eagle Equipment


ETL Certified 2 Post Lift with Car

If you’re looking for an ETL-certified car lift that will do it all, this is the lift for you. It is available with Symmetric or Asymmetric arms. Just change the lift’s arms to change the design. If you want the ability to do both, order the certified car lift and ask for the extra set of arms.

The 10,000 lbs. capacity allows you to work on cars, SUV’s and Trucks up to 3/4 Ton.

This certified car lift has rubber door guards on each post to provide that added security against door damage. It has outer hose guards to protect the hydraulic hoses from unnecessary damage.

This lift also has double telescoping arms with drop-in pads, a heavy-duty arm restraint system and a single-point lock release.

An ETL certified car lift means it’s been tested by a trusted third-party (Intertek). What kind of tests do they do? They put 1.5X the weight capacity on the lift and then run through a serious of tests. On this lift we loaded up 15,000 lbs. in the way of steel coils. We lifted it. Lifted and held it. Shifted the weight forward, then backward, then sideways and lifted it. We lifted it and then cut the cables to see how quickly it lowered. We then had each component of the lift, like the cables and such, tested individually through Intertek. We also send this lift with a Power Unit that has also been certified. It’s a rigorous testing process to see how the lift will react under all different conditions. If the lift “passes” it has the “certified” label.

Here are some photos of the testing process on this lift:

Eagle knows that a lift must be safe in order to protect from serious injury and death. With this lift, you not only have our word for it, you have Intertek‘s certification and the Automotive Lift Association as well.

When this lift is in-stock, it’ll ship the next business day. Give us a call today at 1-800-336-2776 or order yours online.









IMPROVED! The NEW 10,000 lb Two-Post Certified Car Lift From Eagle Equipment

MTP-10V3-3Our certified symmetric lift and our certified asymmetric lift are now combined in one versatile lift, the Eagle ECL-10AS.

The ECL-10AS Certified Car Lift from Eagle features the ability to be installed as a symmetric or asymmetric lift, determined upon the needs of your shop. The ECL-10AS features 3-stage rear arms, providing maximum extension ensuring safe and reliable lifting on all vehicles within the rated capacity.

Some of the features that make this one of our most popular two-post certified car lifts include: adjustable height and width options, triple telescoping spin up pads, durable powder-coated Eagle blue finish, plated arm restraints and pins as well as the many other features.  This Eagle Certified car lift will easily handle the rigorous demands of a full service facility. All Eagle lifts are designed and manufactured to our highest standards.

  • ALI/ETL certified (tested at 15,000 lbs)
  • 10,000 lb two-post lift
  • Shipped with everything you need to setup either symmetric or asymmetric
  • Adjustable column height. Provides an extra 6″ of height adjustment for ease of installation with various ceiling heights.
  • Adjustable column width. Provides an extra 6″ of width adjustment for narrow service bays to custom fit your shop.
  • Rubber door guards. Provides added security against door damage.
  • Outer hose guards. Protects hydraulic hoses from damage.
  • Double telescoping spin up pads
  • Heavy-duty arm restraint system. Oversized rugged steel gears, pins and springs.
  • Single-point lock release allows technician to disengage both columns simultaneously
  • Set of adjustable height adapters: two 6″ and 3″ extensions

Just $2499 + Shipping
Click here to see it online!


               Symmetric Setup                   Asymmetric Setup
Max Lifting Height


Minimum Column Height


Cylinder Full Height


Total Width



Drive Thru Clearance



Floor to Overhead Switch


Front Arm Reach (min/max)


Rear Arm Reach (min/max)


Spin Up Pad Height

4″ – 7.5″

Inside Column Width






208-230 volt / 1 phase


55 seconds

Max Load per Arm


Minimum Ceiling Height Req.



What the heck is Compliance & Where Do I Get a Certified Lift?

Opening a new business can be exciting, exhilarating and downright stressful. Opening an auto repair shop needs to be approached with the same care as opening any other type of business. As a business owner, there are many factors you must consider. Healthcare, Insurance, OSHA, processing solutions, employees and the list goes on! You must dot your i’s and cross your t’s.  Whether you are opening a shop for basic mechanical work (changing oil, spark plugs, filters, etc.) or you will be performing larger mechanical repairs (engine replacements, transmissions, etc.) you must look into requirements for special licenses and requirements under your city’s guidelines.

Aside from the basics, like registering your business at the federal level and applying for local business license, you need to check the property’s zoning ordinance before signing a lease or purchasing a property for auto repair shop.  You must review your city’s specific guidelines for safety as well as OSHA standards before designing your floor plan and establish a plan for your handling and disposing of hazardous waste along with special permits and licenses for waste disposal.

Consider the following:

Is the electrical in compliance?

Is you garage floor adequate? You may need to have your concrete tested if you do not have the specifications from the owner or landlord. Knowing the strength and thickness of your concrete will help you determine the lift you can install.

Are you required to install a certified lift? What is a certified lift? I’m glad you asked because this has come up in past experience where a customer has purchased a lift but was not aware that the city inspectors were requiring a certified lift. Unfortunately, we at Eagle cannot tell you if you need a certified lift — only your local city or local code enforcement agency can.

etl-logoWhat does it mean to be certified?

Certification is a system whereby an independent, third-party, organization determines that a manufacturer has the ability to produce a product that complies with a specific set of standards. The Automotive Lift Institute (ALI) sponsors a certified program for automotive lifts. Certified products undergo a periodic re-evaluation and are required to be produced within the requirement of a documented quality program.   Intertek Testing Services (ETL) is contracted by ALI to administer the certification program.  ETL is a global product testing, inspection and certification organization. ALI has obtained accreditation for this program from the American National Standard Institute. This assures unquestionable integrity for the program.  A certified lift must bear a third-party certification label (ALI/ETL) or it is not certified.


Can my previously purchased lift be certified?  No. After installation the structural design elements such as material composition and required stress calculations cannot be validated.

Why are some required to have a certified lift while others are not? The United States currently uses a voluntary standards system where compliance with applicable standards is compulsory when mandated by regulation or requirements imposed by the authority having jurisdiction. When in doubt contact your city clerk and your state/federal OSHA.

If you are considering buying an existing shop, do not assume that the previous owners have followed the due process. Do your homework, in the long run it will pay off and you will have a safe and successful business.

We have an ETL Certified 10,000 lb two-post lift available through Eagle Equipment.


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