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Moving Your Eagle 4-Post Storage Lift

I received an email from one of our customers who purchased an Eagle 7k four-post storage lift a few years back. He needed to move this lift closer to the front of his garage, about 3′. All Eagle 4-post storage lifts that range from 6k to 8k capacity have the ability to be moved because they are not anchored to the floor.

Our current storage lift models include a set of casters, but the older models do not. The casters hook to each post and allow the user to move the lift freely about his shop, as needed. The lift would lower and cause the forks on each caster to raise each post off the ground 1”-2”. See diagram below.

4-post lift move diagram
Customers who have the older models do have the option of purchasing casters from our parts department. If the lift is going to be moved frequently, then this is what we suggest. This buyer did not have the caster set, and really did not want to purchase a new set for $299 just to move the lift 3′, understandably. It was time for us to do some brainstorming together to solve this problem.

After thinking about how to make this work without the casters, I came up with 2 viable solutions for him to consider. Both solutions are only for short moves within your shop.

The first solution was to use a couple of floor jacks and some wood wedges. The user would need to lower the lift until it rested on top of the floor jacks. Once the lift is on the jacks, you would then need to put the wood wedges inside each post, on top of the cross member. These wedges would not allow the cross member to raise up when you begin to raise each jack.  Once the lift is off the ground just enough for the lift to roll on the jacks, you begin to push the lift in the direction you wish the lift to go.

The 2nd solution requires a couple ratchet straps and 2 floor jacks. You would first lower the lift down onto the jacks, same as the first solution. Now with the ratchet straps, you would secure them from post to post sideways and on top of each cross member at the post. Once you tighten the straps, it will put the pressure needed on each cross member and not allow it to move once the jacks begin to rise. At this point you would raise the jacks until each post is off the ground enough to move the lift the short distance you need.

We recommend that if you are going to try and move your lift, that you do so carefully and safely.

I relayed both ideas to the customer and allowed him to make the decision which best suited him. This is what I heard back:

I wanted to thank you for your advice and counsel regarding moving my SS7000.  I really appreciate Eagle’s customer focus.

Last night, a friend and I moved the lift forward 3’ and toward the garage door 6” with two floor jacks.  The move took 5-7 minutes.

Figuring out how to lock the cross rail to the posts, so we could lift the entire assembly, took us about 20 minutes planning time.  We wedged the post and side rail assembly with wooden wedges.  Once the two were locked together, we lifted the entire assembly about 1”, as you suggested, and carefully pulled the lift forward and to the side slightly in gentle bursts.  I have attached the “after” photo of our successful move.

Thanks, once again, for being supportive and helpful.  Let me know what I can do to support Eagles’ business.

Sean J. Rogers, Esq.

fourpost lift move

We’re so glad that we were able to assist in this “move”. This turned out great for the user and his desire to move his lift just a short distance. These applications are safe and easy to perform, but I would still recommend investing in the set of casters for any type of move. But remember, if you purchase our current 4-post storage lift models, the casters are included with every purchase … making these moves easy!



10 thoughts on “Moving Your Eagle 4-Post Storage Lift”

  1. I’m having trouble keeping the “safety locking rod” from slipping. There are locking nuts on each end of the “union nut” but still I’m getting less than 100% transfer from the control end to the opposite end. I can tell from the wear on the “union nut” that someone before me had a similar problem. What are my options?

  2. I am trying to find the instruction manual for a Eagle Lift Model FP-12. I found them sometime back but can not seem to find them now. Thanking you in advance for any help you can provide me.

  3. I bought the 8,000 lift and don’t really understand the instruction how the cable system goes together. could you give me some hints?

  4. Are the casters made out of polyurethane or some type of metal? At some point I will be moving 200-400 miles, how difficult is disassembly or can it be dragged onto a flatbed trailer?

  5. Also looking to make a purchase in the next day or 2. Anything special going on for Memorial Day for us military folk?

  6. If I needed the lift to have the four posts about 2″ shorter would that be possible? I have a 40’X22′ concrete pad outside my 16′ wide garage door and would like to be able to move the lift from inside my shop to the pad outside and visa versa. The 86 1/4″ post height would be too high to safely get the posts with castors raised through the door without potentially hitting the top of the opening. I guess the real question is would your production facility be able to make such a modification without too much of an issue? I am a Mech E and know such a modification to the lift specs is possible it really comes down to your willingness to do so. Please let me know your thoughts on this matter so I have an understanding of your ability and willingness to make such a modification to your product. Thank you very much for your consideration in this matter!

    1. Hi Frank,
      Thanks for reaching out. Unfortunately, we are unable to make that modification to one lift. We manufacturer them overseas and it would be a lengthy and pricey process, that may damage the integrity of the lift itself.

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