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NEW ETC-550 Eagle Tire Changer

Eagle ETC 550As the summer of 2013 ends and we begin to see the leaves changing for the Fall, Eagle Equipment is also changing. We have begun the transition of updating all of our wheel service equipment line. As the old saying goes, “out with the old, in with the new.” Over the next few weeks, everyone here at Eagle is excited to begin to introduce you to our new wheel service line.

Meet the new ETC-550 Eagle tire changer.

This changer will handle up to a 37” tire diameter and a max rim diameter of 24”. The ETC-550 turntable operates off a 110 volt, to give it a little more strength for the hard to remove tires. The rest of the ETC-550 is air operated – that includes the bead breaker, inflation box and bead blast.

Below are the details for Eagle Equipment’s new ETC-550.  This is a new feature to our Eagle Wheel Service line, in which any of our standard tire changers can have an assist arm added, at any time. The cost to add this arm is $600.

eagle 550A Assist Arms

•           Swing arm design
•           Bead seating inflation jets are integrated in the clamping jaws
•           Twin clamping cylinders provides more power to hold the most difficult rims
•           Conveniently located and powerful bead breaker
•           No scratching. Machine never contacts rim eliminating accidental damage
•           Large diameter hex mount/ demount shaft for extra rigidity
•           Pressure limiter, water separator and oiler are standard
•           Includes Rim Protectors

Internal Rim Width
Maximum        24”
Minimum        12″

External Rim Width
Maximum        22″
Minimum        10″

Bead Breaker
Maximum        12″

Maximum Wheel Width      12″
Maximum Tire Diameter    37″
Working Pressure                120 – 145 PSI
Drive System Type               Electric
Bead Breaking System        Pneumatic cylinders
Bead Breaking Force           5525 lbs.

Table Clamping System      Dual pneumatic cylinders

2 thoughts on “NEW ETC-550 Eagle Tire Changer”

  1. I have a GLO 502 tire changer and it needs an exhaust valve and and an exhaust valve cover. Do you know where I can get those parts from. It’s leaking very badly.


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