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Protect Yourself Against Damaged Shipments

Fragile packing labelAt Eagle Equipment, we take care to package your order so that it will arrive in the condition it was shipped in. We include many labels and warnings instructing everyone handling it to move it with care.

That is not always the case, and products get damaged by the shipping companies in transit. We recently had a truck that had Eagle lifts on it involved in an accident and the lifts were damaged. Accidents happen, but you shouldn’t have to pay for it, or accept a damaged product. Here is how you can easily protect yourself from a shipping hassle and damaged goods.

Inspect every piece of equipment before signing the delivery ticket! Make the driver wait if they have to. If something is damaged, you must notate the ticket as “damaged” before the driver leaves. If you fail to do this, it is very hard to prove to the freight companies that they are responsible for the damaged shipment. Eagle Equipment is not held responsible for any shipping damage to all products shipped FOB. If you inspect your equipment and it is damaged, it is much easier to replace your product.

Please call our Customer Service Team with any questions!

This is what a lift should look like:

lift packaging

This is what our tire changers should look like:

tire changers packagingThis is what our paint booths should look like:

Paint Booth CratesHere are some examples of a lift that has damage from the shipping company in transport:damaged lift 3

damaged liftdamaged lift 4damaged car lift

2 thoughts on “Protect Yourself Against Damaged Shipments”

  1. I wanted to let you know before it’s to late that my lift came to me looking like shit (excuse me)!!! All scratched up, tore up and the boxes were completely destroyed!!! They put it in a trailer 1/2 way in it, long ways!!! I had to put a chain on it and drag it out of the trailer, it was a nightmare,, and UNSAFE!!! … I will be getting in contact with you.

    1. Mr. Jacquet, We hate to hear that. We package our lifts to be shipped without damages, but it does occure occassionally. The lift wouldn’t fit in a trailer sideways, so they are all loaded the same way. We tried to call you and email you because we haven’t heard from you reguarding this situation. We checked with the freight line, and the lift was signed for as clear and undamaged, so a claim would be hard to win if we were to file one on your behalf. We also would have needed to hear from you within the amount of time the freight lines give us to file a damage claim. Please give us a call back so we can try to better understand the situation. Thank you.

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