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How to Pick a Trustworthy Web site

The Internet makes it easier than ever for consumers to browse products, compare pricing and find what they’re looking for right at their fingertips. But it can be hard to tell which sites are from reputable businesses and which ones are very clever scams disguised on nice looking Web sites. How do you know that the company will actually ship you a quality product and offer valuable customer service if needed?

The best way to shop online is through companies that have a history and reputation for their quality products and excellent customer service. Here are a few things to look for:

  • Does the company also have an actual physical location that you can find on their site? An address, some photos and the invitation to visit their location is always a good sign!
  • How long have they been in business? Have they been doing business for a long time? Perhaps they have been doing business since way before the Internet existed or maybe they started a site yesterday.
  • Look at their URL. It has to start with https:// for it to be a safe site. Meaning, you can feel better purchasing online and entering your credit card information.
  • Look for a phone number. If you feel more comfortable placing your order over the phone, make sure the Web site offers a number where you can speak to a customer service representative.
  • Is the price too right? If a site is offering a deal that seems to good to be true, it probably is. All legitimate equipment companies go through the same channels to get their products to their consumers. If one site is able to offer it for substantially lower than the rest, you should ask yourself why.
  • Google it. That’s right. Do a Google search for the company online and see what pops up. Most likely there will customer comments, blogs, social networking and more. This is a good sign.

Eagle Equipment ( is one of those reputable companies that you can trust while shopping online. In business since 1954, Eagle has a long history of providing quality equipment to high volume tire stores and smaller tire shops as well.  Repair shops, auto recyclers, farms, government, motorcycle shops and car enthusiasts are also among the satisfied customers of Eagle Equipment.

Our high quality, reliable and value-priced tire equipment is hard to beat. Our customers continue to buy from us because of our products and the outstanding support they get each time they call Eagle Equipment. Whether it’s a question about a new product or needing repair parts, our sales and customer service team assist our customers to get them what they need, fast. Unlike others, at Eagle, we stock all the repair parts for our products in our warehouse and offer phone technical support for life.

After 58 years in the business, you can count on our support for you and your business for many years to come.

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