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Beware the generic car lift! Do you know who you’re buying from?

IMG_0775There is a business model in place today in the automotive lift industry that poses potential risks for the uninformed buyer.  A master distributor purchases garage equipment products, like car lifts and tire equipment, from overseas and places them in strategic warehouses around the country for sale through a secondary distributor network.

While some of these secondary distributors have prior experience selling car lifts and other garage equipment, many are simply internet stores that have no technical knowledge of the products.  Beware of these “stores”. The car lifts that these types of distributors sell are typically unbranded.  Furthermore, they provide no warranty or service support and have no service and warranty parts.  Product returns are difficult at best.  And all of these functions must be handled through the master distributor who the buyer does not know!

Why wouldn’t a legitimate company want their name on the products they sell?  Typically, because these distributors don’t stock or ship their own products, it is not possible for them to affix a nameplate or decal to the car lift. There are lots of other reasons for having an unbranded product, and none of them are good for the consumer.  Maybe they are dodging a state sales tax authority or don’t have the required product liability insurance. Maybe they know that it is difficult to give a poor online review of an unbranded product.  But I believe the biggest reason is to dodge warranty and service issues after the sale.

At Eagle we receive numerous calls in our service and parts department where the caller has no idea of the brand of automotive lift in their shop.  Many can only give us the IMG_0763manufacturer’s name off of the power unit.  Sometimes we can help them identify the lift, but many times we can’t.  Think about that.  If you can’t find the seller to get a replacement cable how will you locate them if there is an accident involving the car lift?

An automotive lift with no name should frighten you.  Certainly brand names can cost a little more but with that comes assurance that the company will stand behind its product.  And that can mean a lot if you are the person working on a vehicle supported by that no name lift!

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6 thoughts on “Beware the generic car lift! Do you know who you’re buying from?”

  1. I have a 9000 eagle for about two years now and haven’t had any problems but I did see a you tub video on some 2 post a buddy sent me and I could not see the brand but it failed and I am a little concerned the one in the video was at a test facility and the post twisted and arms bent at 7000 you haven’t experienced anything like that have you the test lift was a 9000 also

    1. Jerry- thanks for the comment. If you google car lift fail, it’s scary what comes up. We know the dangers of poor quality, poor installation and poor maintenance on your car lift. Let me first and foremost say that we do test our lifts thoroughly and have NOT experienced this type of failure. If we had, you can be assured we would not be selling them. It is important to note, that lifts fail from improper use, so it’s important you read the manual and never overload your lift. One thing to know is that it is a 9,000 lbs capacity, meaning that each arm is to be maxed out at 2250 lbs (1/4 of the load). When lifting a truck, that may be heavier in the front, you need to think of how much weight is on the front two arms, and make sure it’s no more than the per arm capacity.

      We’re here to answer any questions you may have on the safety and maintenance of your Eagle Lift.

  2. I just looked at a lift that fits the description above. NO brand name anywhere. The motor was built by Monarch, Dyna-Pack. On one post I found a foil sticker with the handwritten information. Eagle, MS7000. It sound like this is a fake. thoughts?

    1. The Eagle MS-7000 was a lift made by Eagle before we acquired the company in 2005. This lift was probably from the late 90’s, early 2000’s. This is how the lifts used to be labeled.

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