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Your Auto Shop Spring Cleaning Checklist

Eagle Lifts in this clean and organized shop.
Eagle Lifts in this clean and organized shop.

Winter is hopefully coming to an end and spring is around the corner! I could not be happier to see this miserable Winter on it’s way out.  As I get ready for Spring, there are a few spring cleaning checklists that I am working on. I want to share with you some tips for your Auto Shop Spring Cleaning.

The first step I do in my spring cleaning efforts is to get rid of items that are obsolete or have not been used in years.That’s right…. this is where the hoarder in me goes through the stuff and gets rid of all the junk that is taking up space. Hard at first to toss (I might need this), but trust me …. it get’s easier and feels really good at the end.

2011-05-09-spring-cleaning-feastNext, on to the DE-clutter stage. If you did step one correctly, you shouldn’t have too much clutter left. Shop floors are notorious for being cluttered with equipment or debris. If you incorporate organizational skills into your daily checklist (ie: clean up the work areas after every shift), you’ll have a cleaner shop and your customer perception will be more positive. Each tool should have a “home” and should go back to its designated place after each use.  This will not only keep your shop looking neat but will help workers find the tools quickly and wasting less time.

Make sure that your waste and hazardous material area is kept clean by using the approved storage containers with proper fit, securely closed lids. These materials should be labeled with the name of the product and the type of hazard that they present.

This is also a great time to check the shop for any major issues caused from maintenance. Check all the wiring and make sure that you have sufficient light. Fire extinguishers should be checked regularly.

It’s important to clean and maintain your shop equipment also.
The following tips should be practiced on a weekly basis.

Tire Changer:

  1. Wipe down
  2. Clean out the grooves and make sure there is no debris
  3. Grease the machine with a clean cloth (grease attracts dirt so you need to clean constantly)
  4. Check the regulator for oil (air tool oil) and dispose of water
  5. Check for worn out parts (clamping jaws, pedals, hoses and fittings)

Wheel Balancer:

  1. Wipe down
  2. Check the shaft for debris, clean and grease with a clean cloth
  3. Check your belts
  4. Check for worn out part or missing parts.


  1. Check cables, make sure that they are not fraying and that they are taught and even
  2. Check the pulleys, make sure there are clean of debris
  3. Check the hydraulic fluid level in your reservoir tank
  4. Check for leaks in the hoses and cylinders
  5. Make sure your locks are engaging
  6. Grease the rub blocks with lithium grease
  7. Grease your arm gears with W40
  8. Check for missing and worn out parts

And last but not least, customers are the most essential element to the success of any business. Make sure to provide a clean and comfortable waiting area where they can relax while they wait and make sure to provide a warm and friendly greeting.

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