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Lift Maintenance: adjusted + maintained cables

Lift maintenance is very important to the correct and safe operation of your Eagle lift. We have done previous blogs on the importance of maintaining your lift, and have some information to add about maintaining and adjusting your lift’s cables.

Eagle product manuals stress the need for proper lift maintenance, including the installation, adjustment and maintenance of the lifting and/or equalizing cables. The installation and maintenance of the cables is extremely important for the longevity and safe operation of your lift.

An 8000lbs. service/storage lift has four (4) cables, designed to lift a vehicle. When adjusted properly, the four cables share the load equally, and are expected to lift 2000lbs., each. They are typically tested for a “working load” of 2880lbs.; well beyond the expected weight. However, if a lift is not maintained properly, if cables are not kept in adjustment; then the lift can raise unevenly, placing more weight on any single cable. Continue reading Lift Maintenance: adjusted + maintained cables

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