Paint Booth Exhaust Ductwork Package (42"x 8')

Paint Booth Exhaust Ductwork Package (42"x 8')

Code: ESTCFDW-1000 Click Here for Specifications & Optional Features

Normally: $1,050


Paint Booth Exhaust Ductwork Package (42"x 8')

Code: ESTCFDW-1000 Click Here for Specifications & Optional Features

Normally: $1,050


Shipping Weight: 325.00 pounds

Product Description

An exhaust duct kit is needed to carry the paint booth exhaust fumes out of your building as required by NFPA 33 guidelines. Standard Tools provides basic kits for all our booths that will be exhausted straight up and through the roof of your building. The ducting diameter will vary depending on the size of the exhaust fan provided with your spray booth. (See Optional Features tab beside the Specifications info on your selected spray booth) Our Exhaust duct kits will include one or more 4' long sections of duct depending on the kit # desired. Each kit will also include a butterfly style weather head (keeping out rain and snow) roof damper, fan angle ring and a roof sleeve with rain collar. These kits can be used on flat roofs as well as pitched roofs with slight modifications. The duct kit is made of 22 gage galvanized steel for excellent durability and ease of installation. Most codes require that 6-feet of ductwork exist above the roof penetration point; extra 4-foot sections are available for taller buildings. These duct kits can be added to your booth order and shipped at no additional freight cost if shipped with your booth.
  • 42" Diameter x 8' Long Ductwork Package

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