Paint Booths by Type

Cross Flow Paint Booths

Cross Flow Paint BoothsIn a cross flow paint booth, like our CF-1000, fresh air enters in through the booth entry doors in the front and exhausted though a filter system on the opposite end of the booth. We offer a variety of Cross Flow Booths and Accessories.

Side Downdraft Paint Booths

Side Downdraft Paint BoothsThis style provides ideal air flow for easy paint application with minimal surface contamination. This paint booth draws fresh air through a double set of filters in the ceiling and exhausts out of each side wall along the bottom of the booth.

Open Face Paint Booths

Open Face Paint BoothsThis paint booth draws air through the open front which is then exhausted through the back wall filters.

Semi Downdraft Paint Booths

Semi Downdraft Paint BoothsThis paint booth draws fresh air through the ceiling in the front, it is filtered twice, and then exhausted through a filter system in the corners, on the opposite end of the paint booth.

Reverse Flow Paint Booths

Reverse Flow Paint BoothsIn this style, the exhaust is located in the front near the drive in doors and the fresh air enters through the rear wall. This allows any debris near the drive in door to be pulled directly into the exhaust. This paint booth provides great air filtration at the entrance of the booth, limiting shop dust from entering the booth.

ETL Listed Paint Booths

ETL Listed Paint BoothsETL/Intertek is an international third-party independent testing laboratory that tests and verifies that products meet specific requirements. NFPA-33 is the National Fire Prevention Agency's Standard for Spray Application of Flammable or Combustible Materials: it is the internationally recognized code that defines the requirements for paint booths and paint mixing rooms.

Paint Booth Fire Supperssion

Paint Booth Fire SupperssionThere are some areas around the country that will require you to install some form of fire suppression in your spray booth in order to meet local and/or federal regulations. We offer an automatic detection and actuation system that provides 24 hour protection. This price includes the system being installed on site by local licensed installers after the booth is erected.