Custom Paint Booths

We carry a large supply of standard paint booths available to ship the next day. We are also able to provide you with a custom paint booth solution and have it delivered quickly. Over 50% of the paint booths and paint mixing rooms that we sell are designed specifically for our customer's needs.

We can modify the size of a spray booth to meet any space constraints and move the project into production quickly. Some of our more popular customization options include extra height or length, additional lighting, white powder-coat finish, bi-fold or tri-fold spray booth doors, drive-thru doors, air make-up units and more.

Our engineers work hard to quickly design and create custom spray booths in a timely manner. We generally ship custom spray booth in 3-5 days or less so your spray booth can be delivered to you in 10 days or less (in most cases).

Let us design a custom paint booth system that will meet your shop needs and your budget. Simply give us a call at 800-336-2776 today to get started!