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Chris Wilson joins our maintenance department!

Chris Wilson joins our maintenance department!

chris wilsonMeet the new maintenance technician at Standard Tools. He’s the new favorite person around here because, whew… is he handy! He started off running and has already made vast improvements to our facility and our equipment.

Chris lives in Reidsville, NC with his wife Brandi and his 6-year-old daughter, Hayden. Chris graduated from Rockingham Community College’s Industrial Maintenance and the BLET (Basic Law Enforcement Training) programs.

In his free time, he enjoys spending time with his family. Currently he is excited about his future with Standard Tools and checking into 4-year degree program that can take him even further in his education and career.

Welcome to the team Chris!



newpaintbike2Alfredo is the owner of Hardcore Choppers and Hardcore Hot Rods out of Sterling, VA. Recently they called us for some new equipment for a new shop. They purchased a Mid-Sized Semi-Down Draft paint booth from us in 2006 (notice the old-style booth doors. The new style can be seen here). He said that they really love using the booth they purchased from us and still use it a ton!

They have used our booth for years and have painted some high profile choppers that have appeared on Discovery Channel’s Biker Build Off and on the V Twin Channel. Up until a few years ago, he was strictly a custom bike builder. Once the recession hit, the custom bike market dropped dramatically. This caused him to move into the car restoration business.

Alfredo is putting the finishing touches on his new shop in Sterling, which will include an Eagle MOBILEMAN lift, 10 new Eagle 2-post lifts and 1 new 4-post lift. This will give him the equipment he needs to continue to grow his business and Eagle is happy to be a part of it! Can’t wait to see more photos from Alfredo.

Check out more information on their web site, or like them on their Facebook page.paintshop2


bills_garage_7I have heard the phrase imitation is the sincerest form of flattery many times throughout my life thus far. Today, I spoke with a new customer, who had reached out to us for pricing on a new spray booth for his growing business. He mentioned in our conversation that he had a buddy down the road who bought one from us years ago and was thrilled with it. Based on this word-of-mouth testimony from one buddy to another, this guy did not even bother to look anywhere else … he just picked up the phone and called us. Word-of-mouth is a pretty sincere form of flattery too…. and we want more of it. Read on to see how you can help.

Labonte 1Testimonials are the best form of advertising to us at Standard Tools. What better way to decide on what product to buy than to read how much others love it? Now, I understand that price plays a big role in a person’s decision when it comes to buying equipment…  but if your buddy has one and he is thrilled with it… is price alone really the deciding factor? Something to think about anyway.

If imitation is the sincerest form of flattery and testimonials are the best form of promotion, then a product photo of the equipment in use in a shop are the best way for us to show off our products. Who doesn’t love to see some equipment being used? (Most of the time, the photos also have some pretty cool cars to show off as well).

If you have a product from Eagle Equipment in your shop and you want to share a photo with us, along with a brief testimonial, we would love for you to send it our way so we can share on social media!

If your photo is used, we will send you a great big thank you and a little surprise for giving us your time, testimonial and photo. So, if you have a paint booth, automotive lift, frame machine or tire equipment … send it to us.

GLO-8000XLT 2Here are the details to include in your email to

Subject Line: Customer Testimonial

Your Name and Business Name
Your City and State
Product You Have?
What do you use it for?
Why Do You Like It?
Would You Recommend it? Why or Why Not?

Please make sure that any junk or trash is removed prior to taking the photo, it helps make a better photo.  That’s it!

Beware the generic car lift! Do you know who you’re buying from?

IMG_0775There is a business model in place today in the automotive lift industry that poses potential risks for the uninformed buyer.  A master distributor purchases garage equipment products, like car lifts and tire equipment, from overseas and places them in strategic warehouses around the country for sale through a secondary distributor network.

While some of these secondary distributors have prior experience selling car lifts and other garage equipment, many are simply internet stores that have no technical knowledge of the products.  Beware of these “stores”. The car lifts that these types of distributors sell are typically unbranded.  Furthermore, they provide no warranty or service support and have no service and warranty parts.  Product returns are difficult at best.  And all of these functions must be handled through the master distributor who the buyer does not know!

Why wouldn’t a legitimate company want their name on the products they sell?  Typically, because these distributors don’t stock or ship their own products, it is not possible for them to affix a nameplate or decal to the car lift. There are lots of other reasons for having an unbranded product, and none of them are good for the consumer.  Maybe they are dodging a state sales tax authority or don’t have the required product liability insurance. Maybe they know that it is difficult to give a poor online review of an unbranded product.  But I believe the biggest reason is to dodge warranty and service issues after the sale.

At Eagle we receive numerous calls in our service and parts department where the caller has no idea of the brand of automotive lift in their shop.  Many can only give us the IMG_0763manufacturer’s name off of the power unit.  Sometimes we can help them identify the lift, but many times we can’t.  Think about that.  If you can’t find the seller to get a replacement cable how will you locate them if there is an accident involving the car lift?

An automotive lift with no name should frighten you.  Certainly brand names can cost a little more but with that comes assurance that the company will stand behind its product.  And that can mean a lot if you are the person working on a vehicle supported by that no name lift!

About Eagle Equipment
The Eagle brand has been a trusted resource in the industry since 1954. Our corporate offices, showroom and a 70,000 sq. ft. plant is located in Greensboro, North Carolina. We’re excited to offer you great products, great prices and a knowledgeable sales staff to help you find what you need. Our in-house sales and customer service team have over 50 years of collaborative experience and product knowledge to answer any questions you might have, as well as provide after-sales support for warranty claims, repairs or parts/service.

Monday through Thursday:
8:00 AM until 5:30 PM EST Office Hours
8:00 AM until 7:30 PM EST Phone Hours

8:00 AM until 5:30 PM EST Office Hours
8:00 AM until 6:30 PM EST Phone Hours

Visit Us
We welcome you to visit us during normal office business hours.
Corporate Office, Showroom, Warehouse and Manufacturing Plant.

4810 Clover Road
Greensboro, NC 27405
Click here for directions

To read more about Eagle Equipment, check out our “About Us” Page.




EE_LocalPickup-BlogImageHey—you’re going to be in Greensboro (That’s in North Carolina, kinda between Raleigh and Winston- Salem)? Want to plan to swing by our docks to load your order on truck or trailer? GREAT! Not only would we love to save you all that shipping cost, we will also take $50 OFF YOUR EAGLE ORDER* just for coming to see us!

It’s easy to do a local pickup at our Greensboro warehouse:

1: Place your order.

2: Let us know you’ll be picking up and we’ll let you know what kind of vehicle you need for pickup.

3: Let us know when to expect you (we want to make sure we’re here and ready for you).

4: We’ll have your order ready and our shipping department available for load up!

We’ll see you soon! Drive safe.

*Applies only to equipment orders (of $500 or more). Does not include parts and accessory orders. Good for one $50 off voucher per pickup.






You went to the butcher for your meat and your milk was delivered from the milkman. Gas was just $.22 PER GALLON and a trip to the movies would cost you $.70. A new home was $10,000 and a new car for the garage was just $1700. A McDonalds Hamburger was $.15, a coca cola was $.05 (of course it was in a bottle), a 24-pack of Budweiser was just under $3 and a child’s ticket to the most magical place on earth was only $.35 CENTS (it’s $80 today)! Continue reading Eagle Equipment in 1954. THINGS WERE A LOT DIFFERENT 60 YEARS AGO

Your Auto Shop Spring Cleaning Checklist

Eagle Lifts in this clean and organized shop.
Eagle Lifts in this clean and organized shop.

Winter is hopefully coming to an end and spring is around the corner! I could not be happier to see this miserable Winter on it’s way out.  As I get ready for Spring, there are a few spring cleaning checklists that I am working on. I want to share with you some tips for your Auto Shop Spring Cleaning.

The first step I do in my spring cleaning efforts is to get rid of items that are obsolete or have not been used in years.That’s right…. this is where the hoarder in me goes through the stuff and gets rid of all the junk that is taking up space. Hard at first to toss (I might need this), but trust me …. it get’s easier and feels really good at the end. Continue reading Your Auto Shop Spring Cleaning Checklist

What the heck is Compliance & Where Do I Get a Certified Lift?

Opening a new business can be exciting, exhilarating and downright stressful. Opening an auto repair shop needs to be approached with the same care as opening any other type of business. As a business owner, there are many factors you must consider. Healthcare, Insurance, OSHA, processing solutions, employees and the list goes on! You must dot your i’s and cross your t’s.  Whether you are opening a shop for basic mechanical work (changing oil, spark plugs, filters, etc.) or you will be performing larger mechanical repairs (engine replacements, transmissions, etc.) you must look into requirements for special licenses and requirements under your city’s guidelines.

Aside from the basics, like registering your business at the federal level and applying for local business license, you need to check the property’s zoning ordinance before signing a lease or purchasing a property for auto repair shop.  You must review your city’s specific guidelines for safety as well as OSHA standards before designing your floor plan and establish a plan for your handling and disposing of hazardous waste along with special permits and licenses for waste disposal.

Consider the following:

Is the electrical in compliance?

Is you garage floor adequate? You may need to have your concrete tested if you do not have the specifications from the owner or landlord. Knowing the strength and thickness of your concrete will help you determine the lift you can install.

Are you required to install a certified lift? What is a certified lift? I’m glad you asked because this has come up in past experience where a customer has purchased a lift but was not aware that the city inspectors were requiring a certified lift. Unfortunately, we at Eagle cannot tell you if you need a certified lift — only your local city or local code enforcement agency can.

etl-logoWhat does it mean to be certified?

Certification is a system whereby an independent, third-party, organization determines that a manufacturer has the ability to produce a product that complies with a specific set of standards. The Automotive Lift Institute (ALI) sponsors a certified program for automotive lifts. Certified products undergo a periodic re-evaluation and are required to be produced within the requirement of a documented quality program.   Intertek Testing Services (ETL) is contracted by ALI to administer the certification program.  ETL is a global product testing, inspection and certification organization. ALI has obtained accreditation for this program from the American National Standard Institute. This assures unquestionable integrity for the program.  A certified lift must bear a third-party certification label (ALI/ETL) or it is not certified.


Can my previously purchased lift be certified?  No. After installation the structural design elements such as material composition and required stress calculations cannot be validated.

Why are some required to have a certified lift while others are not? The United States currently uses a voluntary standards system where compliance with applicable standards is compulsory when mandated by regulation or requirements imposed by the authority having jurisdiction. When in doubt contact your city clerk and your state/federal OSHA.

If you are considering buying an existing shop, do not assume that the previous owners have followed the due process. Do your homework, in the long run it will pay off and you will have a safe and successful business.

We have an ETL Certified 10,000 lb two-post lift available through Eagle Equipment.


Alignment Lift? Turn Your Two-Post Lift Into an Alignment Lift!

Do you have a two-post lift but need a four-post lift for the value of being able to do alignments? We have the product you are looking for.

Recently at Eagle Equipment, we have designed and manufactured a new product to change your 2-post lift, into a 4-post service/alignment lift.

The new EAS-4 alignment stands can be added to any Eagle Equipment 9,000lb or 10,000lb 2-post auto lift, or to the PMR-6000-48 midrise lift. These stands will allow the small garage owner to add alignment services to their shop, at minimal cost, without adding a four-post lift.

To use the new Eagle stands, simply raise your vehicle higher than the 36” needed and add the stands under each wheel. Once the stands are in place, lower the vehicle slowly until the car’s weight is supported by the stands. You now have the benefits of having a four-post lift in your shop. All you need to do now is add turn plates to the stands, and you are now ready to do alignments.

  • Max Weight Per Stand = 1,500 lbs
  • Pad height = 36″
  • Pad dimensions = 19.5″ x 19.5″
  • Footprint = 38″ diameter
  • Adjustable leveling feet
  • Each Stand Weighs 100 pounds
  • Powder coated
  • Made of 3/16″ steel

Eagle’s EAS-4 alignment stands are manufactured in their Greensboro, NC plant and can be customized to meet any needs the end user might have. We have a few different packages available.
Stands Only

Tire Equipment Maintenance

In order to keep your business flowing like a well-oiled machine…. you need to have a well-oiled machine. As shops get busy and we tend to focus on customer repairs such as radiators and batteries, we often forget that our own tire equipment, lifts, air compressors and equipment need maintenance as well.

Tire Equipment Maintenance

We get a lot of phone calls from customers about their tire changers not working properly. Leaking water from hoses, cylinders working slow or getting stuck, bead breaker cylinder leaking air or the foot pedal spool valves stick or are leaking. The cause of most of these problems is from water getting into the air lines and into the internal machine components causing seals to dry up or parts to fail.

All of our tire changers come with a regulator assembly that includes a water separator and oiler. If the oiler is low or the water separator is full, the machine will not get proper lubrication.Tire Equipment Regulator diagram

On average an 80-gallon air compressor used to run a shop for 8-hours a-day can produce 3 gallons of water from condensation as a result of compressing air. This water makes it into the air lines and into our air tools and equipment.

Three simple steps to help keep your equipment up and running properly:

  • Drain your air compressor daily or you can install a timed-release valve that will drain your tank hourly.
  • Use a good quality air dryer setup installed after your compressor to keep moisture out of your air lines.
  • Check your oiler assemblies weekly and fill when needed. Most use standard air tool oil. (check your equipment manual).

Like the cars we drive, Shop Equipment has recommended maintenance schedules and recommended fluids. Consult your manual for the recommended maintenance or contact your equipment dealer.

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