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Two-Post Car Lift: Our Popular 9,000 lbs. Models

The 9,000 lbs. Two-Post Car Lift Models: Which is Right for You?

Our 9,000 lbs. two-post car lift is the most popular lift we sell. It’s ideal for cars and light trucks… and is offered at such an affordable price; it’s an easy investment for any shop. Eagle has been selling this model lift for years because of it’s popularity. The 9,000 lbs. series comes in two models of two-post lift, the MTP-9A and the MTP-9F. How can you know the difference?

The “F” in the MTP-9F stands for floor-plate. As our floor-plate car lift model, you’ll notice that there is no beam across the top of the posts. Instead, you see the plate that runs between the columns on the floor. The post height is a little over 9’, so it’s perfect for lower ceiling heights.mtp-9f-2-500

The “A” in the MTP-9A stands for asymmetric. As the 2-post asymmetric clear-floor car lift model, there is no floor-plate across the bottom. Instead, a beam across the top of the posts connects the two. This model also includes an electric-override safety shutoff across the top to stop a car from being raised through the top of the lift! MTP-9A two-post car lift

Both models feature the same lifting capacity, 9,000 lbs… or 2,250 lbs. per arm. (It’s really important for you to know how weight is distributed on each arm prior to purchasing the lift). They are both accompanied by the Eagle Power Unit, featuring a 3 ½ gallon metal tank with 13-month warranty. The two-post car lift is stored in our warehouse in Greensboro, NC and can be shipped out within 24-hours, if it is in stock! We also stock parts and replacement pieces for this lift in Greensboro, NC.

Read this blog, where both the MTP-9A and the MTP-9F are featured with photos of them each in use! We want to make it easier for to determine which lift will work best for you and your shop needs. Contact us today and we can help you get the equipment you need, 1-800-336-2776.

Here are the specs for both the MTP-9A and the MTP-9F:

9a 9f specs


8 thoughts on “Two-Post Car Lift: Our Popular 9,000 lbs. Models”

  1. Hello, I mostly lift cars and light trucks. I am interested in your 2 post lift for limited ceiling applications. Can you explain the diff between asymmetric and symmetric arms and which you would recommend for my application. Thanks Gregg

      1. My basement garage ceilings are 113″ so I was concerned that it would be a pain to install the lift and, the limited ceiling height wouldn’t allow me to raise car high enough. I am relieved to say my concerns were unfounded. I used a couple of double rope pulleys to raise each post by myself and the fact that my garage ceiling is unfinished allowed me to use the floor joist to stand each post up easily.
        They fit so close it appears they were custom made !
        As far as the raised height, I have only used it to lift a 02 Civic sedan so far. While you obviously can’t stand under it, the height under the car is about 56″ – perfect for sitting on my shop stool and I’m 6′ tall.

  2. This still fails to mention the pros and cons of the asymmetric vs symmetric (floor plate) models. Is post height the only differentiator? Does one do a better job of accommodating different vehicles? Is maintaining weight distribution easier with one vs. the other? Is there a downside to the floor plate? Is it easier to install one vs. the other? How much does a “light” truck weigh?

    1. The difference in the two models is really preferences. They both have the same lifting capacity, they are both easily installed. For some locations, a floor-plate model is easier to fit because they don’t have the ceiling height to accommodate the overhead model.

      They both maintain weight distribution evenly.

      Is there a downside to the floor plate? Again, this is a preference. Some people prefer to have a clear-floor, but it doesn’t effect the lift’s effectiveness.

      How much does a “light” truck weigh? Light truck or light-duty truck is a US classification for trucks or truck-based vehicles with a payload capacity of less than 4,000 pounds. Things to take into consideration would be if the bed of the truck has any tool boxes, if there are bigger tires, ect. The weight on the two-post lift is distributed among 4 lifting arms. Trucks are generally heavier in the front, and so it’s important to not overload those two front arms.

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