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How does it lift? Direct-Drive 2-Post Lifts vs. Chain-Driven 2-Post Lifts

MTP-9A-1 Eagle Equipment sells a variety of 2-post car lifts ranging from 9,000lbs to 15,000lbs in lifting capacity. From the outside, they all look similar, but inside they are different.

There are 2 different styles of lifting cylinders Eagle uses for our 2-post lift line – Direct drive and Chain.  Both styles work great, but they operate completely different.

The chain-driven cylinder is the shorter of the 2 cylinders and uses a chain and roller system to lift. The chain over cylinder allows the manufacturer to use a shorter cylinder to reach the maximum height of each lift. One side of the chain is attached to the carriage, while the other end is attached bottom of the column, and run over the chain roller at the top of the cylinder.

When fluid is pushed into the cylinder, it pushes the rod up. Once the cylinder begins to rise, the roller presses against the chain and begins to raise the lift. For every inch the roller raises, the carriage raises 2 inches. This allows for the cylinder to remain enclosed in each post. This style system is the preferred method for low ceiling height requirements.  These also require a little more maintenance when in use because of the chain and roller.

Eagle lifts that use the chain Driven cylinders – MTP-9A, MTP-9F, MTP-12F and MTP-15

Direct-drive cylinders have become the more popular style these days. This type of cylinder has a smaller diameter and is longer than the chain driven cylinders. The cylinders are installed through the middle of each carriage. At the bottom of the cylinder, there is a flange that is designed to meet the carriage and assist in the lifting the process.

Once the hydraulic fluid is pushed in to the cylinder, the flange that is connected to the carriage begins to raise the lift. At the cylinders full raised height, the cylinder is extended above the post on the lift. This style of cylinder is the preferred method for most 2-post lift users and is also the easiest to maintain.

Eagle lifts that use direct-drive cylinders – ECL-10AS.


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