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ETC-550 Tire ChangerEasily change the industry’s most difficult tires!

DESIGNED TO BE USED… OVER & OVER! The ETC-550 tire changer is designed for heavy use in high volume tire shops and repair centers.

SAVE TIME, INCREASE PRODUCTIVITY! Use our JET BLAST INFLATION to seat the beads on narrow tires or tires where the beads have been flattened. The bead-seating system blasts a powerful air burst from the air reserve tank between the tire and rim to help seat stubborn beads fast.

READY FOR WHATEVER IT BRINGS. With our optional ATV clamps you can work on more than just car tires! ATV, motorcycle and small tractor tires become a cinch, a big advantage over some competitor machines.

YOU’RE IN CONTROL. Foot pedals are conveniently placed to give you precise control over every step of the mounting and dismounting process.

NO SCRATCHING. Machine is designed to protect the rim, eliminating accidental damage.

EXTRA LARGE CAPACITY. A Large diameter hex mount/ demount shaft for extra rigidity! 24” clamping capacity allows you to service larger wheels with ease.

SAFETY FIRST! The ETC-550 comes with equipment that is designed to keep you safe. For example, our clip-on air hose for the Jet Blast Inflation System allows the operator to stand safely away from the machine during inflation.

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