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Most Popular Car Lift

Our Most Popular Car Lift

One of our most popular automotive car lift for both home shops and commercial garages is the MTP-9 series.  We are frequently asked for advice on whether to choose the MTP-9A style lift or the MTP-9F style lift and what the difference is between the two models.

Differences between 9A and 9F Car Lifts

First, let’s cover some basics.  A two post car lift has a hydraulic lifting cylinder in each of the two lift posts.  Therefore it is necessary to connect the hydraulic supply line from the main side post where the power unit is located to the offside post.  This hydraulic line or hose must either travel across the top of the car lift as in the case of the 9A model or across the floor on the 9F model.  In addition, there are 2 load equalizing cables that must travel from the main side carriage to the offside carriage to ensure that the vehicle is lifted evenly.  These cables must travel across the top of the car lift on the 9A model and across the floor on the 9F model.  Hence there is an overhead cross member on the 9A to provide a path for the hose and cables and a floor plate on the 9F model to cover the hose and cables running across the floor.

Model 9A Car Lift Information

The 9A models are asymmetric, clear floor.  Clear floor is desirable because there is no plate on the floor to restrict the use of a transmission jack or rolling oil drain.  With the Asymmetric style car lifts the vehicle is positioned more behind the posts than in front to allow more clearance for opening the vehicle doors.  The 9A models typically require a 12 foot ceiling height.  All 4 arms swing to the rear when the car lift is not in use.

Model 9F Car Lift Information

The 9F models are symmetric, clear overhead.     Because of the plate on the floor the front arms cannot be swung to the rear and the vehicle must be centered from front to rear.  The doors of the vehicle can still be opened although not as far as with the 9A model.  The 9F model is typically used where there is insufficient ceiling height to permit the installation of the 9A model.  Another application for the 9F model is for lifting vehicles with high tops where the overhead cross member on a 9A model would limit the vertical lifting height.

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